Throwback Thursday

Song of the Day – Wannabe


A real sweet sounding track to help ease your way through the dreaded Thursday – The Fugees unreleased and leaked single, Wannabe. This is one of them tracks that can be appreciated by any music fan and is loved by Fugees fans. The track features the unmistakable and soulful vocals and rhymes of the legendary artist,  Lauryn Hill. The hook is what really puts this song over the edge, as Ms. Hill drops her vocals to the cover of Michael Jackson’s, I Wanna Be There. Wannabe, was supposed to be released off the Fugees reunion album that was never completed due to complications within the group, but was leaked in 2006. It was the third and the last track that would be leaked from the comeback album, the other two: Take It Easy and Foxy. The leaked tracks showed promise of a good Fugees album, and unfortunately, never be completed.

The Fugees is a trio made up of Wyclef Jean, Pras and the talented Lauryn Hill. They have been active in the Hip Hop since 1994 when they dropped their debut album, Blunted on Reality. Their follow up album, The Score, was their blow out album and brought further recognition in the music scene. The album included smash singles like Killing Me Softly, Ready or Not, Fu-Gee-La and No Woman No Cry.
Along with great tracks, The Score, won the Fugees two Grammys in 1997,  one for Best Rap Album and the single, Killing Me Softly, won for Best Vocal R&B performance by a Duo or Group.

The Score, would also be The Fugees last album released, as complications stirred up between Lauryn Hill and fellow members, Pras and Wyclef. The fame and stardom Lauryn Hill received after releasing her groundbreaking album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, turned her away from music and the lifestyle that came with. She exiled her self from all media and music projects til 2002 when her MTV Unplugged album was released where he explained her absence to the game and revealed an artistic and passionate side. Lauryn Hill and the Fugees were featured in Dave Chappelles: Block Party in 2004, where they performed the hit single, Killing Me Softly.

The Fugees tried to make a comeback in 2004, but was short lived due to the complications Lauryn Hill was facing with the group. She left the group once again and exiled herself from the music industry. The chances of the Fugees ever completing this album are quite slim, as Pras has openly stated that he will never work with Lauryn Hill again. Until the next Fugees release, here are some tracks to tie you over, Foxy, Fu-Gee-La, Take it Easy, Nappy Heads, Vocab, Hip Hopera and Rumble in the Jungle.

Favorite Line: “From PR to ER, our freedom got detoured, Truth turned to folklore, youths turned to coke whore” – Lauryn Hill

(Side Note: Lauryn Hill will be in Vancouver for Jazz Fest this July. I got my tickets…have you got yours?)

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