Friday Got Me All…

AllTomorrow (Mark Ronson)

Continuing with what seems to be the trend, we have another fitting track to kick start the work weekend the right way. Supplying the track, Tomorrow, is none other than UK’s own, Mark Ronson. He produced the track which features the soothing vocals of Debi Nova and the smooth flow of Q-Tip. This mixture of talent, on top of a Mark Ronson produced beat, make this track a real treat for the ears.

Mark Ronson is originally from the UK, and moved to New York when he was in highschool. He attended NYU and began picking up DJ gigs at Hip Hop clubs in the city. Ronson, was known for the wide arrange of music he would mix and mash up, as his sets would consist of tracks from the UK Rock, Hip Hop and Funk genres. He quickly made a name for himself in the scene and became sought after by celebrities to spin at their parties, further gaining recognition in the music industry. By 2004, he started up his own record label entitled, Allido and the emcee, Saigon, became the first artist to sign with Ronson. Although Saigon is no longer with Allido, the label still have artists like, Wale, Rhymefest and Daniel Merriweather signed.

Tomorrow, is the last track off of Mark Ronson’s debut album entitled, Here Comes the Fuzz, released in 2003. The album slowly became a success in sales through popular club tracks like, Ooh Wee and International Affair. The album features many talented artists like; Saigon, Ghostface, Mos Def, Daniel Merriweather and Anthony Hamilton, on it’s tracks. The mixture of talented Hip Hop artists and Ronson’s house style beats produce this real nice sounding blend of genres. If you have not already, be sure to give his debut album a listen. Also, check out Ronson’s 2007 follow up album, Version. (Contains less of a Hip Hop influence).

I’m going out all night, because I don’t have to work tomorrow” – Debi Nova


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