Friday Got Me All…

Song of the Day: Woo Hah!!

Another crunk track to help kick off the weekend – Woo Hah!!, is brought to you by two of the wildest motherfucker’s from New York, Busta Rhymes and Wu Tang’s own, Ol’Dirty Bastard.
The version presented today is the remix, the original features fellow member of the Flip Mode Squad, Rampage.
Woo Hah!!, is off Bustah’s debut album entitled, The Coming, released in 1996. The album was a huge success and helped Busta Rhymes become an even more recognized name in the game. The production credits on this album are off the hook, and features talented producers like DJ Scratch, Easy Mo Bee, Q-Tip and J. Dilla. The album also includes tracks featuring artists like Zhane, Rampage, Keith Murray and Redman.

Busta Rhymes has been recording Hip Hop records since 1989, and began his career as a member of the group, Leaders of the New School. Busta Rhymes was the only one that stood out from the group and soon began working with other artists. In 1991, Busta was featured in the smash track, Scenario, off of A Tribe Called Quest’s second album entitled, The Low End Theory. The track brought a lot of attention to Busta and soon confrontations arose within his crew. Busta broke away from the Leaders of the New School, and began his successful solo career.

Along with having a successful career as an emcee, Busta has made a name for himself in the film scene as well. Busta has been featured as an actor in movies and TV shows like, Who’s The Man, Halloween Resurrection, The Wayans Brothers, the 2000 remake of Shaft, and a personal favorite, Higher Learning. Along with acting, Busta has also been a voice over for animated features like, The Rugrats Movie and The Boondocks.

Busta Rhymes has one of them flows that just stand out from any other emcee, and some other tracks that feature his style include, It’s a Party, Dangerous, The Heist and Make it Clap. Some albums released by Busta worth checking out include, The Coming, When Disaster Strikes, Anarchy and It Ain’t Safe No More.

Favorite Line “Word is bond baby, tell me how you look so smashin, Now I got your head hurt, you need an Aspirin“- Busta Rhymes


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