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Song of the Day – Flava In Ya Ear

Brought to you by one the most underrated emcees from the early 90’s and the first Bad Boys signed artist, Craig Mack.
Flava in Ya Ear, is off Craig Mack’s debut album under Bad Boy Records entitled, Project Funk Da World, released in 1994. The album was full of hits and highly appreciated by fans of the East Coast style. The track, Flava In Ya Ear, was the first single released off the albumHowever, it was the remix that made this Craig Mack track an East Coast classic. The remix, featured an All Star cast of East Coast emcees, which includes, LL Cool J, Bustah Rhymes, Rampage and the late Notorious BIG (you also got Puffy dancin and ad libbing in the background).

Craig Mack, was an emcee that was full of lyrical talent and showed a lot of promise in the game. He had a real smooth flow laid down with a real deep voice, it was like a mixture of Shaggy and Bustah Rhymes. Always overshadowed by fellow Bad Boy emcee, Biggie,
Craig Mack’s album, Project Funk da World, dropped a few month prior to Biggie’s Ready to Die, and quickly the hype of Craig Mack just faded from there. Biggie was the new star of Hip Hop and became Bad Boy’s first priority, while Craig Mack along with his career, moved to the backseat.

Craig Mack, would eventually leave Bad Boy and sign with the label, Street Life, who later released Mack’s second studio album, Operation: Get Down, in 1997.It was a flop and the last album that Craig Mack would release. His career was over by 1998. Recent sources indicate that Craig Mack is working on a come back album and is set to be released under the title, The Mack iz Back.

There is not much of a library for Craig Mack, but some other tracks that the emcee rhymes on include, Get Down (Project Funk Da World), The Things You Do remix (by Gina Thompson), It’s Alright (by Sista), Tonights the Night remix (by Blackstreet) and When God Comes(Project Funk Da World).

Favorite Line:Word up don’t rap no crap you bore me, Wanna grab my dick…too lazy…hold it for me“- Craig Mack

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