Music Monday

Soul of the day – Soul Food

Soul Food, is brought to you by Atlanta’s own quartet of emcees, Goodie Mob. This Hip Hop group have been in the scene since 1994, as they first made their presence felt on Outkast’s debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. Both groups were members of the Dungeon Dragons crew along with fellow Atlanta natives, Parental Advisory. Goodie Mob consists of emcees, Khujo, T-Mo Goodie, Big Gipp and Cee-Lo. The group along with Outkast, helped place shine on the Hip Hop scene down South.

The track Soul Food, is off of Goodie Mob’s debut album of the same name, Soul Food, released in 1995. The album was well received by an expanding Hip Hop scene, and along with Outkast’s, Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik, they helped pave the way for Hip Hop emcees in the South. The Hip Hop term, “Dirty South” was first used on the Soul Food album on Track four. Goodie Mob released three albums as a group before Cee-Lo took off to pursue his own projects in 1999.The groups last album, World Party, was not well received and did poorly in sales, which was a partial reason for why Cee-Lo took off. Goodie Mob, went on to release two more albums in the absence of  Cee-Lo. Accordingly, in 2007 the group claims to have settled their differences and joined forces to create the Age Against the Machine (2013). (Cee-Lo released an album last November which received an average score of 57 based on 14 reviews, which indicates “mixed or average reviews”. So not great reviews.)

Cee-Lo has made quite a career for himself since departing from Goodie Mob, and has teamed up with DJ Danger Mouse and formed the duo, Gnarls Barkley. Their debut album, St. Elsewhere, released in 2006, won the duo Grammy Awards for Best Urban/Alternative Performance and Best Alternative Music Album.  The team went on to release a highly anticipated  follow up album in 2008 entitled, The Odd Couple, which became well received by fans.

Some gritty Goodie Mob tracks to include on your playlist include, Call of da Wild (Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik), Git up Git Out (Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik), Dirty South (Soul Food), Cell Therapy (Soul Food), Beautiful Skin (Still Standing) and Get Rich To This (World Party). Also, if you haven’t already, it is well worth checking out a different style of Cee-Lo on his Gnarls Barkley album, St. Elsewhere.

Favorite Line: “Didn’t come for no beef, cuz I don’t eat steak”


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