Music Monday

Check Out This Album: A Til the Casket Drops (Circa 2009)

There are high expectations for this studio release album from the Virginia representing duo, the Clipse. The first two albums, Lord Willin’ and Hell Hath No Fury,were successes in the Hip Hop game that brought grimey lyrics and bangin beats produced by the Neptunes, to the table. Unfortunately, Til the Casket Drops, falls short of expectations for fans of Pusha-T and Malice.

The album is filled with a lot of filler tracks, those tracks that are just on the album but dont really stand out. There maybe two to three tracks on the album that really standout and one can call memorable. The album starts off pretty hype with the tracks, Freedom and Popular Demand which features Cam’ron. From there the album goes pretty much down hill as fewer decent tracks get play. The album is lacking in both, good beats and good lyrics. The album does not have that jaw dropping vibe that we are used to hearing from a Clipse and Neptunes collaboration. No track on the album is as memorable as their previous hits like, Grindin’, When the Last Time, Mr. Me Too and Wamp Wamp.

The album however does have some pretty good featured artists on a few of their tracks. Some of the big names include, Pharell (I’m Good, Life Change), Keri Hilson (Eyes On Me), Cam’ron (Popular Demand) andKanye West (Kinda Like a Big Deal). The majority of the album is produced by the Neptunes with a few tracks done by DJ Khalil. The decent tracks from the album include, Freedom, Popular Demand, Door Man and the albums first single,  I’m Good.

If it were not for the dopeness of the Clipse’s first two albums, this album would have been considered a decent Hip Hop album. If you are a fan of the duo’s work, this album is worth a play, you may actually like their new sound and style. For those who are new to Clipse, be sure to listen to the albumsLord Willin’ and Hell Hath No Fury, before listening to, Til the Casket Drops. Favorite Track: Freedom


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