EPMD in the ‘hood tonight

In honor of EPMD celebrating album, Strictly Business’ 3oth years – Song of the Day: Da Joint

With the weekend over, it’s a ‘come back’, battle to work, so, how about a,’come back’, track from one of the East Coast power houses of the early 90’s, EPMD. They perform at Fortune Sound Club in East Van this Wednesday, and that’s exactly the kind of hump day pick me up to carry you into the weekend.
EPMD, consists of emcees, Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith and this duo have been dropping records since 1988 when they released the classic album, Strictly Business. The name EPMD ,stands for,Erick and Parrish Making Dollars and in keeping with their theme, every album contains the word, Business, in it. The duo made four back to back classic albums, then decided to break up in 1992  due to to complications between the emcees.They would reunite five years later and release today’s Song of the Day, Da Joint.

The track, Da Joint, was the first single released from EPMD’s come back album, Back in Business, released in 1997. The track includes a real amp beat with the pleasant rhyme and flow of  Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith.
Back in Business, was a highly anticipated album  by fans of EPMD as they had not heard an EPMD record since Business Personal, released in 1992.
The majority of the production credits are done by Erick Sermon and the album went Gold in that same year. The album included tracks like, Richter Scale, Jane 5, Do It Again and Put On, which was produced by, DJ Scratch.

The duo recently released another album in 2008 entitled, We Mean Business, which fell short of what EPMD fans are used to hearing.  The duo was a force in Hip Hop and helped set the bar even higher for the East Coast during the early 90’s.

To the new fans of EPMD, be sure to check the albums, Strictly Business, Unfinished Business, Business As Usual, and of course the come back album, Back in Business.

Favorite Line:  “Lyrical mastermind a genius so dont snooze, no missions impossible ask Tom Cruise” – Erick Sermon




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