Music Monday

Track of the Day: Please Listen to My Demo

Taking fans on a trip through memory lane, EPMD drops their smooth laid back track,Please Listen to My Demo, off of their albumUnfinished Business released in 1989. Please Listen to My Demo, has got that real chill mellow beat topped off with the mellow flow of Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith. A flow that is based on the days when the two emcees were still dishing out their demo tapes waiting for the day they get big and “cruise in gold limo’s”.

Unfinished Business, was the duo’s followup to their well received debut album, Strictly Business released the year before. The album was no standout on the charts, but is considered by many Hip Hop fans as a classic. With tracks like So Wat cha Sayin,  Its Time to Party and The Big Payback,its not hard to see why. The album has got that similar sound to Strictly Business, with that same recognizable flow of Sermon and Smith.

EPMD has got that kind of Hip Hop that just never gets old, and if you haven’t listened to them in a while, this track makes a nice throwback for your ears. Other recommended albums of the duo include, Strictly Business, Back in Business and Business As Usual.

They played at Fortune Sound Club last Wednesday (July 20). It was a pretty good show.
(Glad I went out on a work night.)


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