Music Monday

Feature: Alicia Key’s The Element of Freedom (2009)


Last year, American singer/songwriter, Emily King, released her second studio release – The Switch. One song that is in constant rotation is “Sleepwalker”, which reminds me so much of Alicia Key’s “Sleeping with a Broken Heart”.


Alicia Keys, is just like a fine bottle of scotch, she only gets better with age. The Element of Freedom, is Alicia Keys, fourth studio album and will quickly become a fan favorite. This album may possibly be Alicia Keys, best album released to date and further solidifies the fact that she is the Queen of Soul and R&B. The sound of the album is a mixture of her past two releases, Diary of Alicia Keys and As I Am, touching on issues of relationships atop her uplifting beats. Production credits on the album include; Alicia Keys, Kerry Brothers, Jeff Bhaskers and Keys’ man, Swizz Beats.

This album will most likely be nominated for Album of the Year and will surely win Alicia Keys a Grammy for Best R&B album. Every track on, The Element of Freedom, is a pleasure to listen to and each track compliments the theme perfectly. The first single off the album is,  Doesn’t Mean Anything, which has a similar sound to her hit track, No One, off of the, As I Am album released in 2007. Her second single, Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart, is already blowing up on the radio and the music video can be found on YouTube as well. Literally, every track on the album has the potential of being a hit single which is not hard to believe when you have tracks like,Love is Blind, That’s How Strong My Love Is, Distance and Time, and  Put It In a Love Song, which features Beyonce. The Element of Freedom, also includes the track, Empire State of Mind Part II, which is a rendition of Jay Z and Alicia Key’s, Empire State of Mind, of just Alicia Key’s layin down vocals to the entire track.

The musical soul of Alicia Keys truly shines on this album through her vocals, her lyrics, her meloldies and her hand work on the ivory keys. As mentioned previously, The Element of Freedom, can easily be considered Keys’ best album and is a sure classic in the Soul and R&B genre. This is an album that one must cop immediately, as it will most likely be sold out quickly in record stores over the holidays. It’s also recommended that you warm up your ears with Alicia Keys’ previous albums; Songs in A Minor, The Diary of Alicia Keys and As I Am, before playing The Element of Freedom.

Favorite Track:  Doesn’t Mean Anything and Empire State of Mind part II



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