Film Friday

If you grew up in the 90s, you rented videos from Blockbuster, and some Fridays, you spent hours perusing the aisles for that perfect weekend movie to watch while stuffing your face with nutella, chips, and raw cookie dough.

When I can’t make a decision and/or have spent 2+ hours at Blockbuster, I resort to picking one of those feel good, innocent movies of the 90s like Camp Nowhere starring Tiger Beat centerfolds, Joshua Jackson and Andrew Keegan.

It’s so good, though watching it as an adult makes me question everything about that movie like:
– why didnt the kids’ parents double check the camps they paid CASH for. (paid cash!!)
– why didnt the doc call social services after finding out the truth
– didnt the drama teacher have any moral compass
– was any one concerned that something seriously tragic could have happened

Here’s the trailer. Worth Watching.


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