Music Monday

Song of the Day: Nah Mean

Like a glass of  fine aged cognac and a blunt filled with the finest herb Jamaica has to offer, the collaboration of one of Hip Hop’s finest, with the fresh sound of street influenced reggae – it’s a match made in Hip Hop heaven. The duo supplying today’s ear candy comes from none other than Nasir Jones and the son of reggae legend Bob Marley, Damian Marley.
The track, Nah Mean is off the duo’s debut collaboration album released in 2010, Distant Relatives; and comprised of street inspired lyrics laid down on an adrenaline pumpin’ beat twisted all together by the raw chant of, “Nah Mean!”. It’s a track where both emcees shine as they reach down to their roots to compose their lyrics.

Distant Relatives, was recorded and produced to draw awareness and support for aid in Africa. The album is made up of tracks that touch on the issues of poverty and the current state of Africa. Their goal was to make Distant Relatives, a charity album without all the cheese, an album people would purchase because it’s dope and not because it’s a charity.  Proceeds of the album went towards building schools in Africa with the goal of one day developing one in the Congo.

Nas and Damian, have worked together on tracks before on of which was the single, Road to Zion, on Damian’s album, Welcome to Jamrock. The collaboration of these two superstars is something Hip Hop heads could get used as this album brings the best out of these artists.
Other tracks on the album to lend an ear to are: My Generation, Count Your Blessings and single, As We Enter. Nas and Damian havecsucceeded in accomplishing their goal of producing a great sounding album while raising awareness and funds to help with aid in Africa.



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