Music Monday

Song of the Day: Back in the Day

Smacking your ears with an oldschool classic from 1994, Ahmad’s single, Back in the Day, is the perfect track to addition to any summer playlist. All the elements of Back in the Day, contribute to the nostalgic vibe given off in the track, as it all gets tied together by that classic West Coast beat. Ahmad drops line after line of lyrics about his days growing up in Compton and listeners can’t help but follow him on that trip down memory lane. Ahmad’s flow is flawless and no other emcee could have rapped over the beat as nice as he did.

The track, Back in the Day, is off of Ahmad’s self entitled debut album, released in 1994… which also happens to be his last album. (The second album was never released through his record label at the time. An interesting fact about Ahmad, however, to help provide a better life for his family he went to Jr. College and graduated as valedictorian of his class  with a 4.0 GPA and was later accepted to Stanford University on a scholarship. Although his Hip Hop career was short lived, one cannot help but to admire his hard work to become a success in another way.)

This scholar released the album, The Death of Me, in 2010, under his own music label, WeCLAP (We Change Lives Attitude And Perception). Sit back, relax and enjoy the laid back flow of Ahmad as he takes us on a trip – Back in the Day.


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