Trending Tuesday – Ryan Lochte Não Bom

This guy… seriously. If Matt Lauer, asked you if you were telling the truth, AND to cross your heart and hope to die, and poke a needle in your eye, would you have lied?

Ryan Lochte has been mentioned in a post or two, and the conclusion the same – he ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

Yesterday, he was dropped by another sponsor, Speedo, who is to donate a $50, 000 portion of Lochte’s sponsorship fee to the Brazilian operation of Save the Children. Ralph Lauren, Gentle Hair Removal and Airweave are among the other companies to drop him.

There is nothing like a fall from grace story which quickly reveals the character of someone of “white privledge”. You and your little swimmer buddies were busted, you “over-exaggerated”, which is telling a fib, which is a lie, which is the opposite of the truth.

So, where’s can we find this needle which belongs in your eye?

Read more here


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