Wednesday Got Me…

Song of the Day – Donuts of the Heart

Continuing with the unplanned theme of, “The good die young”, the Song of the Day, is brought to you by the talented and Detroit’s own J Dilla. The track, The Donuts of The Heart, is from the album, Donuts, released in 2006 and was the last album Dilla lived to see get released. The album was released just three days before Dilla lost his battle against,  TTP (Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) and Lupus. Dilla was only 32 when he passed away and was just at the peak of his career. The album, Donut’s, was well received in the Hip Hop community, it was an album of strictly beats that stimulated emotion without lyrics.

Dilla, was influenced by Pete Rock and played a huge role in Hip Hop by producing tracks for talented acts like, Common Sense, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Bustah Rhymes and Pharcyde. Dilla also is the creator of the popular Hip Hop group representing Detroit, Slum Village. You can always tell when a track is produced by Dilla, his unique sound and use of  samples make his beats stand out from others. You can feel the soul in all of Dilla’s beats, as each beat he produced has its own instrumental story to tell.

The Donuts of The Heart, was also used as a tribute to J Dilla, on The Roots track, Can’t Stop This, from the album, Game Theory released in 2006. Dilla has a huge library of tracks that he played a role in, personal favorites of mine include: The Light (Common), Busta’s Lament (A Tribe Called Quest), Runnin (Pharcyde), It’s a Party (Bustah Rhymes) and So Far to Go (J Dilla from The Shining). Other Dilla albums to relax your ears to include,The Shining, Jay Stay Paid, Champion Sound and Slum Village’s, Fan-Tas-Tic Vol.1 and Fantastic Vol. 2.

Unfortunately, I was unable to upload the sample, so the track posted is, The Roots, Can’t Stop This (J Dilla Tribute), which uses The Donuts of The Heart as the beat.


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