Sloth Sunday

DIY – TV on an Easel (Looks easy enough plus it’s portable, and convenient.) 33 Halloween Costume (Wish I thought of TLC’s Creep … ) Kanye Deconstructed (Kanye’s voice = Ultimate Instrument) Advertisements

Thursday Got Me…Dru Hill

  They are at the PNE tonight. Some folks paid $50+ for reserve tickets at the local fair…on top of that, there is rain in the forecast. Whether you’re getting amped to go, or at home channeling your inner teenager, here are a few songs to kick off your evening …. Enter the Dru.

Worth Reading Wednesday

H.E.L.L.O. He’s a Perv (One of Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Is No Longer Representing Him) A Proposal You Cant Say No To (Isaac’s Proposal – Bruno Mars’ Marry You. You will tear up.)

A Dream Come True: Joseph Schooling wins Gold in 100m Butterfly Event

…and 8 years later he’d go to win the Gold Medal winner and beat Michael Phelps. This, by the far the best  before picture and worth saving for that future memoir. For the first time ever in the Men’s 100m butterfly event, (and first time during the Rio Olympics), Phelps loses the top spot on that Olympic podium.


Like everything else in Vancouver we are currently under construction…

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