Worth Reading Wednesday

H.E.L.L.O. He’s a Perv (One of Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Is No Longer Representing Him) A Proposal You Cant Say No To (Isaac’s Proposal – Bruno Mars’ Marry You. You will tear up.) Advertisements

Word Wednesday

Whilst on a summer getaway, I read Lena Dunham’s, Not That Kind Of Girl: A young woman tells you what she’ s”learned”. This book was released in Fall 2014, and has taken almost 2 years to finally pick it because 1 – by the time this book was out, I had seen Lena naked 3 too many…

Trending Tuesday – Ryan Lochte Não Bom

This guy… seriously. If Matt Lauer, asked you if you were telling the truth, AND to cross your heart and hope to die, and poke a needle in your eye, would you have lied? Ryan Lochte has been mentioned in a post or two, and the conclusion the same – he ain’t the sharpest tool in…

Sloth Sunday

Lou Pearlman Died in Jail Last Night In case you don’t know who he is … He’s the fat guy behind boy bands like Backstreet Boys and Nsync. This 2007 Vanity Fair article highlights his career, and being a huge perv. Bill Burr + Jerry Seinfeld = HILARIOUS Probably the best episode of Comedians In A Car…

Worth Reading Wednesday

If you have some time to kill, take a gander at these articles:   Gun Violence Facts (Shocking) NYT Modern Love No.1 (you’ll be hooked. they have a podcast too!)

A Dream Come True: Joseph Schooling wins Gold in 100m Butterfly Event

…and 8 years later he’d go to win the Gold Medal winner and beat Michael Phelps. This, by the far the best  before picture and worth saving for that future memoir. For the first time ever in the Men’s 100m butterfly event, (and first time during the Rio Olympics), Phelps loses the top spot on that Olympic podium.

Worth Reading Wednesday

Dark Times in Venezuela  (their humor too) This makes 21 to date (you go boy! Like he needs more medals…)

Style Sunday

Cary Grant – ’nuff said Read article “Cary Grant On Style”

Sloth Sunday

46 Stunningly Creative Ads by Science World Courtesy of Vancity Buzz. A lovely collection of Ads for Science World. Ikea Hack – Floor Pouf  DIY Weekend Project …. looks easy enough….Worth a try… Boy Meets Zach Morris A Cory Matthew’s take on Zachy.


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