Film Friday

  Film Friday – Paper Heart Both Charlyne Yi, and Michael Cera are fucken hilarious and enjoyable to watch. You’ve probably seen Charlyne as that giggling stoner in “Knocked Up”, and Michael, as Michael, in such films like Superbad, and Juno… Paper Heart, is a mockumentary where they play fictional versions of themselves – Charlyne on…

Thursday Got Me…Dru Hill

  They are at the PNE tonight. Some folks paid $50+ for reserve tickets at the local fair…on top of that, there is rain in the forecast. Whether you’re getting amped to go, or at home channeling your inner teenager, here are a few songs to kick off your evening …. Enter the Dru.

Sloth Sundays

Sloth Sundays….Am I right? Add these to your lazy Sunday: funny old couple (they are filming a commercial and they suck at it) stupid olympian (not the sharpest tool in the shed) Puff Pastry 4 Ways (make it)