Thursday Got Me…Dru Hill

  They are at the PNE tonight. Some folks paid $50+ for reserve tickets at the local fair…on top of that, there is rain in the forecast. Whether you’re getting amped to go, or at home channeling your inner teenager, here are a few songs to kick off your evening …. Enter the Dru. Advertisements

Throwback Thursday

In the 90’s, this was NBC’s depiction of high school kids. (I’m so excited and I’m so scared)

Throwback Thursday: West End 1966

My ‘hood. West End 66 was produced for the CBUT ( CBC Vancouver) program Camera West. This visual tour (with a jazzy score) of Vancouver’s West End notes the recent growth and popularity of the area and examines the lifestyles in its inhabitants. The contrast between the modern glass and concrete structures and the remaining…